About Hybrid Cloud Application

xPlore.Cloud is a Swiss knife on steroids for building flexible Hybrid Cloud management interfaces.

xPlore cloud is an interface that would let to have a bird's eye view over the whole hybrid cloud infrastructure. Cloud and consequently Hybrid cloud are two of the fastest evolving tech concepts in today's environment. As things evolve and adoption grows, things are bound to change quickly - oftentimes abruptly and substantially.

Key Features

  • Create a Hybrid Cloud

  • Enhancement

  • HyBench

  • Environment

  • Automation using HyBench and scheduler

  • Access control

Product Benefits

  • Create a Hybrid Cloud : For platforms we have reference implementations for, viz., AWS, Azure and VMWare, you can create your Hybrid cloud literally within minutes. For others, you can develop your own within a few days if not hours.
  • Custom Custom Frontend : The Frontend API exposes the xPlore.Cloud functionality through a RESTful service. You can use this to rebrand or even add custom business rules and create a completely customized user-experience for your self service users.
  • Permissions : Very simple and intuitive concept of users, groups and permissions lets you manage users and permissions comprehensively at the Hybrid Cloud layer.
  • Pricing : More features with less cost.

Success Stories

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