About Just Sales App

The distributor have a tough and busy life to manage their business operations. This app has an affordable Android & iOS Based Mobile App Solution which automates the ordering process without involving the need for manual intervention.

It is a cloud-based system integrated with Tally ERP 9+, which means that other software vendors can also send & receive data through excel or APIs .

Key Features

  • Quotes & Orders

  • Fast searching and ordering

  • Tracking and Reporting

  • Collection

  • Instant updates

  • Accounts & Contacts

Product Benefits

  • Security : No one can access or login from different device as on 1st time login App automatically saves and store the user’s mobile IMEI no.
  • Better Decision Making : Dashboards provide a central location for users to access, interact and analyze up-to-date information so they can make smarter, data-driven decisions
  • Account Ledger : View the dealer payment/billing ledger balance into App, Ledger Details will be Integrate with Tally business database.
  • Business Automatio : Employees can streamline transaction coordination through the use of task assignments and deadline tracking and avoid misuse of your employees talents by creating a way to collect data that is generally filled through paperwork.
  • Deals with just a fingers swipe : The days of door-to-door sales are behind us. From planning to signing the deal with a finger swipe, the entire sales process can be streamlined using the mobile app.
  • Have An On-the-Go Team : Mobilize efforts and stay in constant communication by having an interconnected team network where they can receive constant updates, no matter their location.


The Date wise and the dealer wise visit details are available in the reports.

The reports can be seen and filtered Dealer wise, Product wise, Datewise, Return type wise(Fresh/Defected)

Collection Reports can be seen and filtered Datewise, Instrument type wise (Cash/Bank), Dealer wise

A report is made to find out all the items which are returned with the proper reason that are available.

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Northern Ireland.

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