About Mapit

MapIt is a JS library that can be embedded into any website and application just few lines of coding is needed. It’s easy to use. This product is even extendible as MapIt provides event hooks for a JS programmer to modify the tool's behavior on the fly.

Key Features





  • Adaptability


Product Benefits

  • Custom search regions : Easy way to search interest nearby places with a drawing.
  • Route finder : Visitors can search for nearby places and then find distances and routes from selected.
  • Adaptability : Any industry can use it for there customer
  • Integration : JS library which can be easily integrated with few lines of coding
  • View : There are three different view option Map, Hybrid and Satellite

Map IT Videos

Captivate Your Visitors With Advanced Map Search Features That Drive Successful Businesses.

With our intuitive and interactive map drawing tools they can define custom shapes on the map

Visitors can search for nearby places and then find distances and routes from selected properties

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