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Our Client is UK based successful business entrepreneur for last 13 years. Eu-Bookings main business is to rent motorhomes or Campervan in many countries. The main countries that Eu-Bookings focused are FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY, ITALY and IRELAND. Eu-Bookings also deals with several agencies and suppliers regarding the motorhomes. The campervan hire industry is fragmented, what we mean by this is that there are no camper van rental companies covering all of Europe. Rates of hire vary according to season, and rates are of course higher in the months of July and August, the generally accepted “High Season”. Motorhome on mainland Europe, is permitted to take the campervan on local ferries to islands or to the United Kingdom please consult us at Campervan Tips Europe. One most important issue when hiring your campervan is that there are minimum rental periods in some countries. They vary from company to company, and can be anything from 4 days to 14 days depending on what season you are renting in; you will find that the most common minimum is 7 days.



The main challenge to this business is to maintain the flex rates of different agencies and suppliers and updates into the database for generating exact quick quotations. Next is the search engine where customer will able to generate a quotation selecting their desired place. Here in this business the admin notification is very curtail and without proper notification system to the admin means losing business. Another aspect is proper communication system through the system with schedule to the customer. Regular Motorhome availability is another important aspect that should be taken care of with little minute observation.


We have taken into account all the important aspect of this kind of business.

  • All the rates from several agencies and suppliers can be uploaded into the system by an interface by admin.
  • Regular updates of motorhome availabilities of different location of different suppliers update system in the application through admin users
  • Different types of users and there ACL permissions are taken into account in the system.
  • A application to search motohomes and there availabilities for different locations and generate quotations.
  • One copy of the generated quotation will be send to the admin with full details of the searched customer for contact and the customer will also able to have there quotation.
  • The system is full proof and records can't be deleted without proper authenticated user level.


Car Rental E-Booking

Web-based integrated Rental System will allow you to accept online reservations and manage your entire fleet, all from one single control panel. Offering customizable booking system your customers will be able to get exact quotes.

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